99 Bottles


There are two things you need to know about me before reading this blog: I am not an alcoholic and I have never made a blog before in my life.

With that being said, when tasked with the assignment to keep a blog on one unified topic throughout the semester, I naturally picked one of the things I find most interesting at this moment– beer.

Yes, I am a college student and I have popped a couple of tops in my lifetime. I am also a girl, which provides a completely different perspective on a drink that is typically more popular with men.

I offer this disclaimer – this is not a blog where I drink a ton of beer and write about it afterwards, even if that might foster some overly creative writing and potentially risqué pictures (it’s all about getting hits, right?).

I am, however, going to explore and critique this year’s top beer trends, different uses for beer other than intoxication (although, drinking will always be considered the best use in my humble opinion), and the various facets of the beer industry.

I hope you find this blog instructive and fun, as I will be learning myself about something that I find particularly interesting.