Midol – The Magical Hangover Pill

midolFor the morning after you drink too much beer, I would like to share my secret to the ultimate cure for hangovers – Midol.

There are varying personal opinions on the use of Midol to cure hangovers. Girls are usually fine with it. Guys, on the other hand, think that they will magically grow female parts if they take it. The following are four reasons Midol works:

  • Ibuprofen – your aspirin for that throbbing headache you woke up with.
  • Diuretic – helps that queezy feeling in your stomach.
  • Caffeine – Everyone needs a little jolt on days like that.
  • It contains no estrogen… so lady parts will no appear on men when taking this. 

Personally, I think Midol should market their same product as a hangover pill with different packaging so that guys don’t feel so weird about buying it.

Here are some other sources providing various cures (all say Midol as well).



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